have a small website. When I perform a netstat is shows a lot of traffic from .p.mail.

I think this is some kind of mail bot, trying to harvest email addresses from my website. How can I prevent this?

tcp        0     64 ESTABLISHED
tcp6       1      0    fetcher9-7.p.mail:52455 CLOSE_WAIT
tcp6       1      0    crawl-66-249-71-7:39927 CLOSE_WAIT
tcp6       0      0    fetcher9-5.p.mail:48034 ESTABLISHED
tcp6       1      0    fetcher9-6.p.mail:38781 CLOSE_WAIT
tcp6       1      0    fetcher9-3.p.mail:49137 CLOSE_WAIT
tcp6       1      0    fetcher9.mail.ru:46906  CLOSE_WAIT
tcp6       1      0    fetcher9-3.p.mail:49102 CLOSE_WAIT
tcp6       0      0    fetcher9-4.p.mail:60833 ESTABLISHED
tcp6       1      0    fetcher9-1.p.mail:58404 CLOSE_WAIT
tcp6       1      0    fetcher9-3.p.mail:38515 CLOSE_WAIT
tcp6       1      0    crawl-66-249-71-9:65419 CLOSE_WAIT
tcp6       1      0    fetcher9-4.p.mail:39761 CLOSE_WAIT
tcp6       0      0    fetcher9-3.p.mail:46664 ESTABLISHED
tcp6       1      0    fetcher9-5.p.mail:57961 CLOSE_WAIT
tcp6       1      0    fetcher9-2.p.mail:58029 CLOSE_WAIT
tcp6       1      0    fetcher9-6.p.mail:53075 CLOSE_WAIT
tcp6       1      0    fetcher9.mail.ru:47363  CLOSE_WAIT
tcp6       1      0    fetcher9-4.p.mail:52394 CLOSE_WAIT
tcp6       1      0    fetcher9.mail.ru:54476  CLOSE_WAIT
tcp6       1      0    fetcher9.mail.ru:36110  CLOSE_WAIT
tcp6       1      0    fetcher9-2.p.mail:55155 CLOSE_WAIT
tcp6       1      0    fetcher9-7.p.mail:59306 CLOSE_WAIT
tcp6       1      0    fetcher9-2.p.mail:36667 CLOSE_WAIT
tcp6       0      0    fetcher9-5.p.mail:51968 ESTABLISHED
tcp6       0      0    fetcher9-4.p.mail:41478 ESTABLISHED
tcp6       1      0    fetcher9-5.p.mail:60032 CLOSE_WAIT
tcp6       1      0    fetcher9-2.p.mail:44335 CLOSE_WAIT
tcp6       1      0    fetcher9-6.p.mail:57922 CLOSE_WAIT
tcp6       1      0    fetcher9-1.p.mail:59718 CLOSE_WAIT
tcp6       1      0    fetcher9-3.p.mail:47470 CLOSE_WAIT
tcp6       0      0    fetcher9-6.p.mail:59941 ESTABLISHED
tcp6       1      0    fetcher9-1.p.mail:54604 CLOSE_WAIT
tcp6       0      0    fetcher9.mail.ru:48307  ESTABLISHED
tcp6       1      0    fetcher9-6.p.mail:47410 CLOSE_WAIT
tcp6       1      0    fetcher9-2.p.mail:52740 CLOSE_WAIT
tcp6       0      0    fetcher9.mail.ru:48957  ESTABLISHED
tcp6       0      0    fetcher9-6.p.mail:55988 ESTABLISHED
tcp6       0      0    fetcher9-6.p.mail:45431 ESTABLISHED
tcp6       0      0    crawl-66-249-71-1:54299 ESTABLISHED
tcp6       1      0    fetcher9-1.p.mail:44075 CLOSE_WAIT
tcp6       0      0    fetcher9-7.p.mail:51332 ESTABLISHED
tcp6       1      0    fetcher9-6.p.mail:40081 CLOSE_WAIT
tcp6       1      0    fetcher9-2.p.mail:47806 CLOSE_WAIT
tcp6       1      0    fetcher9-5.p.mail:40396 CLOSE_WAIT
tcp6       1      0    baiduspider-180-7:53078 CLOSE_WAIT
tcp6       1      0    fetcher9-1.p.mail:46357 CLOSE_WAIT
  • How about the answer in this thread? Block the IP and see if it stops or continues from a different IP.
    – pritaeas
    Dec 22 '14 at 15:40

You are okay. Some may argue, but this is not a bad bot. I research these things as part of my research and while I do have a lot of activity from mail.ru, I do not have any bad bot activity doing a quick search.

Mail.ru operates a search engine.

This is a web crawler for their search engine. The page referred to in the agent string is http://go.mail.ru/help/robots which you will have to get your browser to translate. Here is what it says:

Crawler or spider (spider, crawler, bot) - a program that "walks" on the internet urlam and then downloads them for subsequent indexing. After downloading the document robot analyzes it, determines the type, encoding, language and adds links from the page in place for further obkachki. Periodically, the robot returns to the already previously visited page to check their relevance.

Besides the main robot, which indexes the entire Internet as a whole, there are specialized to separate download images, videos, news, rss, etc. Thus, they can accelerate the penetration of a certain type of documents in the search index.

You can block their user agent. From their page:

Directive is used to disable the robot download parts of the site or the entire site. The value in this line is a partial URL. Examples:

User-agent: Mail.RU_Bot 
Disallow: / # is blocking access to the entire site 

User-agent: Mail.Ru 
Disallow: / search # blocks access to pages starting with '/ search', /search.html, / search / something, etc.
                  # To access other sections of the site open 
User-agent: * 
Disallow: # allowed access to the entire site, 
                  # Is equivalent to the absence of robots.txt

You should be able to block the robot from your entire site using:

User-agent: Mail.Ru
Disallow: /

This should be okay to block if you do not want Russian traffic. Otherwise, mail.ru is said to follow robots.txt and I do not see any problems after doing a quick check of my database. It seems to be well behaved.

It will likely take a couple of days for mail.ru to read the robots.txt file and take notice of the change.

Push comes to shove, you can always use .htaccess (assuming Apache) to block access.

RewriteCond %{REMOTE_HOST} ^.*\.mail\.ru$ [NC,OR]
RewriteCond %{REMOTE_ADDR} ^5\.61\.(2*3*[2-9]*)\.([0-2]*[0-5]*[0-5]*)$ [NC]
RewriteRule .* - [F,L]

But I would not do this too soon. It is likely not necessary.

  • @Inktown It should. I will take a bit of time for them to read the robots.txt file and notice the change. It is a well known search engine in Russia.
    – closetnoc
    Dec 23 '14 at 13:51
  • @Inktown Updated the answer with .htaccess code JIC.
    – closetnoc
    Dec 23 '14 at 13:59

I ended up using iptables to block the ips.

From the root linux shell I typed

iptables -A INPUT -s  -j DROP
iptables -A INPUT -s  -j DROP
iptables -A INPUT -s  -j DROP
iptables -A INPUT -s  -j DROP
iptables -A INPUT -s  -j DROP
iptables -A INPUT -s  -j DROP
iptables -A INPUT -s  -j DROP
iptables -A INPUT -s  -j DROP
iptables -A INPUT -s  -j DROP
iptables -A INPUT -s  fetcher9.mail.ru  -j DROP

And it stopped

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