In the AdSense dashboard, Google is reporting crawl errors for unexpected URLs. It shows that Google crawler was unable to access some of my 87 pages. When I checked those pages I found that I haven't created those pages in my site. The pages have URLs like:


I am stunned to see something like mozekcdn-a.akamaihd.net automatically appended to my domain name. Does this mean that my server is infected? I am using self-hosted wordpress for my website.

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We're seeing a similar issue. It seems to have hit us on the 19th of December. I can see the traffic originated from Portugal and Turkey. Seems harmless enough.

404 spike

We've had confirmation from Akamai that a 3rd party software program is installed on an end user's computer/device which was adding an unwanted string to URLs of the form mozekcdn-a.akamaihd.net. They informed the vendor and the software was patched on 21st Dec.


For a few days I have been getting the same requests.

I found something in Polish. It indicates it might be a browser plugin for malware, spyware, or some unknown purpose. I used Google Translate on that website.

Another resource is claiming it is adware.

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