I have a website, where we have a similar structure across all our pages, what differs is the location and product type.


When you buy marketing xxx database from us, we tend to provide you with the latest / fresh set of xxx list, so that you are not stuck with the old database which are time sensitive and would not benefit you in any manner. Although we do provide old xxx database at a much reduced price. It is just the old database might be less effective, however, we have customers requesting old database as their marketing strategy allows having one.

Where xxx is the only thing that set it apart. Otherwise rest will be same structure in almost 800 pages.

Post Some cool and relevant answers so far : Now, I want how to avoid being noticed as a spam?, where we are not trying to create doorway pages, we are creating product pages for different locations and the number is around 800.

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    This screams low quality content
    – John Conde
    Commented Dec 19, 2014 at 16:50
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    This sounds like a site that will never gain traction in the SERPs. Search engines like content created for humans by humans. It is okay to automate your site, but you have to go the extra mile to make sure that it satisfies humans and not machines.
    – closetnoc
    Commented Dec 19, 2014 at 17:04
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    I think you may need to a refresher course on SEO. Here you show you are using doorway pages. A previous question showed keyword stuffing. Your profile uses keyword rich anchor text. These are all things that may have worked well ten years ago, but are today more likely to get your site penalized. Commented Dec 19, 2014 at 18:08
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    @StephenOstermiller Hey Hi, you are right. I do need some refresher course on SEO, however, I am still learning and will be glad to learn. FYI I have taken some of your feedback and its working well. Thank you for answering here too!
    – bizima
    Commented Dec 19, 2014 at 19:29
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    Is the product always the same? How does it change if it does? What is unique about Mumbai over Paris? From a database schema perspective, what changes? If nothing but the data within the columns change, then the answer is simple.
    – closetnoc
    Commented Dec 22, 2014 at 5:33

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The short version: yes, this will be harmful. Aside from grammatical errors, the repetitive nature of the content as well as the actual content itself suggests you are creating 800+ pages of marketing spam.

Expect the Search Engines to react accordingly.


This falls under Google's prohibition of doorway pages in their search index:

Some examples of doorways include:
Multiple pages on your site with similar content designed to rank for specific queries like city or state names

They also say how they deal with sites that use such pages:

Google may take action on doorway sites and other sites making use of these deceptive practices, including removing these sites from Google’s index.

Which isn't to say that you can't have lots of pages on your site targeting similar things in different cities. But you do need to put the work into showing that you have a quality product tailored specifically to it.

Make sure users can answer questions like:

  • How is this database different than the one on the other page?
  • How many items are in this database?
  • How do I know that I'll be happy with this database?
  • What makes this database superior to those from a competitor?

I would recommend collecting testimonials from happy customers and featuring them on your pages. Give sneak peeks into your databases. Put up comparison charts to show that you are better than the competition.

  • My problem is that I am selling product like database from city to city, I cannot connect description of city with the database, so I am stuck. Like If I am selling iphone6, I cannot write iphone6 in Mumbai, iPhone6 in paris. I have also heard of diluting the content.
    – bizima
    Commented Dec 19, 2014 at 19:35

Forget static pages and categories. Forget multiple pages. Make one page with a dynamic client side builder. Anything else is spam duplication and will get your domain and IP blacklisted from indexes in a matter of hours.

You can use AJAX + JSON to build customized downloads from the client side -- lets say customers want to build out + download a custom DB of 8 cities at once. Be sure to use the guidelines for AJAX so that Googlebot can understand how to use the site. https://developers.google.com/webmasters/ajax-crawling/

Also be sure to define query parameters in Google webmaster tools so that lesser Googlebots can semi-understand it :)

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