I've just setup Cloudflare on my tumblr blog (with custom domain).

1) As I understand it, this was actually pointless because images on tumblr blogs are hosted on media.tumblr.com/.../inline.jpg and not on my domain?

2) If yes it was pointless, can I cache / host images manually on Cloudflare?

3) Should I remove Cloudflare again or is there other benefits of using it?

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Tumblr is a big website with a ton of images. Any website of that size with that many images is already going to be using a content delivery network (CDN) for the images. When you use a CDN for images, you usually have put them onto a separate subdomain. Tumblr has done so; another indication that they are using a CDN.

Because your site is hosted by tumblr, and they already use a CDN, you can remove Cloudflare. It isn't doing anything that Tumblr isn't doing already.

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