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Getting this on keyword reports: 100% bounce rate, 1 pageview and average session duration 24 minutes. I've gone through all of my other analytics properties and this is the first time I see this situation, in my opinion makes a bit of no sense.

Thinking about a couple of posibilities: - A user hits the site through that keyword, then exits, then comes back: session still valid but Analytics does not atribute the session to that particular keyword anymore. - Maybe a non-interaction event is set on the page affecting only the session duration (not sure this is a plausible scenario)

Anyone knows what's up?


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Non-interaction events would cause this behavior. Senario:

  1. User loads page
  2. User reads the article for 24 minutes
  3. Browser sends non-interactive event to Google Analytics
  4. User closes the browser

In that case Google would know that the user stuck around for the 24 minutes, but because the non-interactive flag was set on the event, they would still be considered to bounce.


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