I have recently made an online repository of papers for an academic organisation. But we are not being picked up by Google Scholar. I think it might be because the fulltext urls are not in a format required by Google.

From Google's Guidelines:

The "<meta>" tags normally apply only to the exact page on which they're provided. If this page shows only the abstract of the paper and you have the full text in a separate file, e.g., in the PDF format, please specify the locations of all full text versions using citation_pdf_url or DC.identifier tags. The content of the tag is the absolute URL of the PDF file; for security reasons, it must refer to a file in the same subdirectory as the HTML abstract.

The webiste is hosted on Microsoft Azure. The details of the papers with embedded metadata are of the form


The full text version of the papers are served directly from Azure Storage, like this


I am assuming this is not considered the same subdirectory. I sent a support ticket to Google Scholar two months ago and asked them to clarify, but I have so far gotten no response.

Anyhow, my questions are:

  1. Am I correct in assuming that the fulltext must be placed in the same subdirectory?
  2. What is considered the same subdirectory? Would serving up a fulltext from /Papers/Details/990/Fulltext be ok?

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Your subdirectory for /Papers/Details/995 is /Papers/Details/. So your suggestion of /Papers/Details/990/Fulltext should be fine. So would /Papers/Details/995.pdf

Google almost never answers support tickets. In this case, I think their documentation is pretty clear, and you need to move your pdf file to be included in Google Scholar.

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