I'm having a heck of a time getting our internal MediaWiki to allow CONF file uploads. A CONF file is just a plain text file with a *.conf extension.

In ...\LocalSettings.php, I added txt and conf to the array of $wgFileExtensions. The extensions are recognized after an apache restart (see the preferred file types in the image below). $wgCheckFileExtensions is false and $wgStrictFileExtensions is false.

Yet when I try to upload, I get a the following warning:

File extension ".conf" does not match the detected MIME type of the file (text/plain)

Not that this is not an error and the file is not uploaded. (I also have "Ignore warnings" checked). An image of a failed attempt is shown below.

"Upload warning" on the "Upload file" page

How does one enable and upload a CONF file to MediaWiki?

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As Stephen Ostermiller says, in this case you want to add "conf" to the line beginning with "text/plain" in:


In other cases though it may not be this simple. When you upload a file, mediawiki executes the PHP function


which takes the result and looks it up in includes/mime.types. If you find that php doesn't recognize a file type you want to accept, you can set $wgMimeDetectorCommand in LocalSettings.php to designate a custom command to analyze files for you. Here's an example that uses a magic.mgc file with more file type information than the default:

$wgMimeDetectorCommand = "/usr/bin/file -bi -m /usr/local/share/magic.mgc";

But you could specify a path to any executable and customize to your heart's content. So you could set

$wgMimeDetectorCommand = "/usr/local/sbin/my_custom_mimechecker.py

Which tries the file command above, say, and adds some custom logic. In the end, if the following command is run:

/usr/local/sbin/my_custom_mimechecker.py my_uploaded.wth

and it returns (prints to STDOUT and exits with status 0)

application/heck; charset=binary

and you have a line in mime.types

application/heck wtg wth wti wtj

I.e. the wth extension of the uploaded file matches the output of the $wgMimeDetectorCommand, the upload will be allowed.


Here is the MediaWiki documentation for mime type detection. It says that you need to add modify two files:


Add conf to the text/plain line


Ensure that text/plain is on the line ending in [TEXT]

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