I have a website hosted on Windows Azure and it is initially linked to GitHub deployment. My question is, is it still possible to create an FTP deployment even if I have my site linked to GitHub already? I just want to access my site through FTP. Is this possible? If yes, how can I create one?


Yes, it is possible.

Download the publish profile - Click this link to download your publish profile for your website. The publish profile contains your credentials (user name and password) and the URLs for uploading content to your website with FTP and Git. The profile file is in XML format and can be viewed in a text editor.

Set up deployment credentials - Click to create a user name and password for uploading content to your website with FTP or Git. You can use these credentials to push content to any website in your subscription. (See FTP Credentials.) Note: Authentication to an FTP host or Git repository by using Microsoft Account (Live ID) credentials is not supported.

FTP Credentials

FTP Credentials There are two sets of FTP credentials that you can use, deployment credentials and publishing profile credentials. Here are the main differences:

Deployment credentials

Associated with a Microsoft account. Can be used to deploy to any web site, in all subscriptions associated with the account. You pick the username/password Typically used for git or FTP deployment Publishing profile credentials

Associated with a single website. You don’t pick the username or password. Typically used for Web Deploy, but can also be used for FTP. You can use either set of credentials. The FTP and FTPS host names are listed on the dashboard, under Quick glance.

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