Currently when searching on Google, the www.example.com version will appear as opposed to example.com.

I realize that isn't a big deal, however it made me wonder if I should do some of the same things for www that I currently do for the main domain:

  • Creating sitemaps
  • Adding www.example.com to Google Webmaster Tools

Does Google consider doing so to be spamming? Will it make a difference to my rankings?

  • Doing it in GWT should be enough. But it's always good to be consistent.
    – John Conde
    Nov 20 '14 at 21:10

I would recommended either using the www or non-www and stick with it. Set a preferred URL in Webmaster Tools and then 301 to either your www or non-www.

The reason for this would be Google would see both the non-www and www sites as two separate websites. If the content is exactly the same, then you could be penalized with duplicate content.


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