I have a requirement where I need to distribute about 400 copies of a pdf document (about 6 MB) and .pub files, that are personalized for each user. Every user must have access to only his/her set of documents and I also need to make sure that any search engine does not index those files. I am fine with manually creating these 400x2 copies and uploading them to different folders.

I am looking for a Windows based solution which even Mac/Linux users can access.

What options do I have with me?

  • Do you have hosting or a web server now? If so, is it Apache, IIS, or other web server? I am assuming you are starting from scratch (nothing), but thought this question could help get you an answer. – closetnoc Nov 18 '14 at 18:33

It is possible to create a different directory for each user using FTP and IIS. To do so you need to use the "user isolation" option when setting up FTP.

Given that you are sharing files with these users, IIS's FTP server sounds like it would be a good option for you.

Mac and Linux users can access FTP because all modern browsers support the ftp:// protocol.

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Assuming this is a web hosted/accessible location you are making these files available on. You could make a folder for each user and give each folder a .htaccess and .htpasswd file inside, thus giving each folder a unique user/password to access the content. Going to any of the urls:

www.example.com /user1 /user2 /user3

Will prompt the visitor for the username and password to get content view of that folder. Here is a htaccess password generator if you don't want to hand code each file.

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