I recently launched a brand new website. It's a travel guide with around 260 unique pages with lots of newly written content and unique images.

I submitted the site to Google 5 days ago and at the same time, I submitted a sitemap. Fairly instantly, Google WMT showed that hundreds of pages had been crawled. But today it still shows that zero pages have been indexed. If I run a site:www.site.com search on Google I get around 20 results from my website. There seems to be no logic to which pages are ranked – there's a mix of posts, pages and category pages.

Should I just sit tight and wait longer or is something else going on?

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It will take time for Google to start properly indexing your website, as it is still processing your content and "figuring you out". This kind of behaviour is common with newly-submitted websites. One or two pages are indexed and they show up on Google (mostly, under very specific search queries). Then they disappear. Then they reappear.

All of this common. When it comes to Google, you have to be patient.

  • Okay, thank you so much for replying and for putting my mind at rest. Appreciate your help.
    – TTYP
    Nov 11, 2014 at 10:54

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