I am working on a site with a company name with an & in it.
An alternative is using and instead of &.

Does & have some disadvantages in a company name we have to know of? Does it effect SEO? Can Google 'work' with it?

Are there some other disadvantages?


The domain name is not a problem, because there is used and. It's not a problem to use and, but in the logo is & used. So on site they want to use & also.

But i think people are going to search for the and version. It's easier to type C and A instead of C&A (certainly in my case). But when i'm using & on the site everywhere Google might not discover we mean the same. Or is that a crazy though?

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In my opinion, a company name with a & is a trouble for domain names.

As you said, you need to find alternatives because you can't register a domain name with a & in the URL.

The main disadvantage I see is you need to register many domain names to cover all alternatives of the & in relation to the language of the users. And in your case, you can hope all these domain names are available.

You most probably know the C&A company. If you analyze their domain names, you can see they have many domains names to cover alternatives for each language. Example:

  • for English users: www.c-and-a.com
  • for French users: www.c-et-a.fr
  • for Spanish users: www.c-y-a.es
  • ...

Moreover, C&A needs to protect domain names they own. That's why, they most probably also registered all TLDs of c-and-a, c-et-a, c-y-a, etc. Compared to a single domain name with each language on a subdomain, it costs much money to register a domain name per language.

However, it's not impossible, you can copy the C&A system. For branding, they always use the term C&A. For SEO and Google, there is no impact because Google bots will analyze your domain without a &.

For Google users, this is not a problem because Google knows that & is a synonym of and. So, they can type one or the other, Google will show up your site in the SERPs (this is the case for C&A). If it's the case yet, you can work on branding on the Internet and Google will understand that this is the same company.

  • Thanks for you explanation. I updated my question. The domain name is not a problem. Commented Nov 8, 2014 at 10:50
  • See my last paragraph.
    – Zistoloen
    Commented Nov 8, 2014 at 10:54
  • I would like to add that Google easily recognizes the & as an and and will do a substitution resulting in and where required, but also index the &. This is done for the reasons we all understand. So any search for either C&A or C and A should return the same results with some preference for exact matches.
    – closetnoc
    Commented Nov 8, 2014 at 16:51

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