Is there any schema for items that are not for sale? (example: stamps from a catalog). I saw "Product" but I'm not sure if it ok to describe with it a stamp.

Thank you!


You don’t sell it, but do you offer it in some other way (e.g., gratis or for trade)? If not, Product is not appropriate, because it is only for an "offered product or service" (emphasis mine).

You can start from Thing (which can be used if there is no more specific type available). It currently has the following child types:

  • Action
  • BroadcastService
  • CreativeWork
  • Event
  • Intangible
  • MedicalEntity
  • Organization
  • Person
  • Place
  • Product

For stamps, I think we can exclude everything except CreativeWork (and Product in case you’d offer it). Looking at child types from CreativeWork, there doesn’t seem to be a closer match for generic stamps (while DataCatalog+Dataset could work, I guess it’s not intended for such kinds of collections).

So without further background information, I’d go with CreativeWork.

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