I am wondering how to setup (SEO- and SERPs-wise) a product launch with multiple domains. Lets say I have product X and it's an answer for subject A, subject B and subject C. www.example.com is were the sales are happening, but as the product name is a fantasy name I guess it won't have much organic traffic. But subject A, B and C are more likely to have organic traffic depending on the written copy per subject of course.

My question is, should I attempt to write good SEO/SERP copy for subject a, b and c and have a link to www.example.com or should I just use a Redirect 301 from subject a, b and c to www.example.com. (PS I also thinking of registering domains A,B and C so competitors can't registered them)

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Actually, your question is more complex than you realize. You are making the assumption that having multiple domains is a good idea. Often, it is not with some exception. As well, you are assuming that you can build value to a domain and then 301 redirect to another. This often does not work as easily as people think.

Granted that your product has a new and unique name. But what I think you are missing is the concept of brand building which would mandate putting the product name and brand first and foremost. Yes you are right in a very clever way! You also need to tie the product into usage and that is likely a major focus too.

I am not knocking your ideas, they are not too far off, but rather I an trying to wake you to some ideas that you may not have considered.

Here are some answers I provided that may formulate a better understanding (ignore the titles):

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The up-shot is that it is better to have a single domain most of the time unless the topics are divergent and/or non-complementary. As well, 301 redirects remove value for the domain that is designed to attract users and dividing work over several domains divides potential more times than not.

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