I am about to implement Google's AJAX crawling scheme so for every single pretty URL on my site (apart from the homepage) there will be an equivalent ugly one using _escaped_fragment_ .

This means thatwww.example.com/#!page1 (pretty URL) would also exist as www.example.com/?_escaped_fragment_=page1

The problem I have is that URLs on my site can be frequently updated so page1 can be renamed page2. In this case page1 will cease to exist and I need to redirect it.

In this case, what would be the best way (in terms of SEO) to redirect page1 to page2?

  1. 301 redirect www.example.com/#!page1 to www.example.com/#!page1?
  2. 301 redirect www.example.com/?_escaped_fragment_=page2 to http://www.example.com/?_escaped_fragment_=page2
  3. Both 1 & 2
  4. Other e.g. use JavaScript redirects

Any help would be hugely appreciated.

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You can't server-side redirect from http://www.example.com/#!page1 to http://www.example.com/#!page2 because the server doesn't see the fragment ("#!page1"). For AJAX-crawling, you'd need to redirect from the old crawlable URL to the new displayed URL, which will ultimately result in the new crawlable URL being crawled.

So in short: 301 redirect from http://www.example.com/?_escaped_fragment_=page1 to http://www.example.com/#!page2

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