Today (2014-10-20) I noticed that on one website of mine I got two adsense clicks without any page views. How is this possible? And should I worry about violating adsense policies?

This question is very similar but also quite different: How can I have more clicks than page views in AdSense. The answers don't apply at all if there are no page views at all (i.e. right clicking, a user clicking more than one ad).

Here's a screenshot I just took: screenshot

Update: It's still 0 and 2 a day later. Meanwhile I'm seeing it also on another website today, with 1 click for 0 page views.

Update 2015-01-29: I saw 1 click and no page views, in the afternoon. Half an hour later it indicated 2 page views. I guess adsense might show clicks before page views in some cases.

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Adsense clicks and views are not in real time (they seem to be updated at set periods through the day). Also, there is a possibility that somebody (or more than one person) loaded the page before midnight and then clicked on one of the adverts after midnight. Possible example:

  1. User loads the page at 11.30pm.
  2. The user's attention drifts to another tab or page (or they are interrupted by an external source).
  3. At 12.07am, the user re-focuses their attention on your page.
  4. 12.08am: The user clicks on an advert that interests them.
  • Just noticed this situation at 12:30am. So very likely to be what you're describing.
    – Ankur
    Nov 17, 2015 at 17:34

This often happens when the clicks are just after midnight. The page views actually come from the day before and are attributed to the previous day.

  • I checked and it is a possibility. There was only one pageview the day before though, so the odds are quite low. But the 0 pageviews n clicks is also quite rare of course. I'm upvoting and leaving it open as there might be another reason.
    – the
    Oct 24, 2014 at 11:21

I am an Adsense Publisher since 2006. Sometimes Adsense is giving a not so updated figure, just wait for 24hours and you will see you have a page views

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