I have a properly indexed site by Google with a few hundred pages, most of the pages re-crawled on a daily basis (according the crawl stats offered by Google Webmaster Tools). Last week, I have added hreflang tags to all pages by link inclusion within <head/> section of every page. Yet, within the International Targeting tab of the GWT, I still get a message indicating Your site has no hreflang tags.

Does anyone know how much time it takes for Google to notice new hreflang tags on an old well indexed website?

  • Google bots seem to be processing my hreflang tags about once a week. My site has over 150,000 pages. – Trey Copeland Nov 20 '14 at 21:20

The webmaster tool started to show me the hreflang tags about 8 days after putting them online. Thus, I guess one should expect those values to be updated - at least from the webmaster console viewpoint - only twice per month or so.

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