I would like to exclude all traffic that has these three conditions:

Mobile traffic, that was a direct hit(has no referrer), on uri: '/'.

Is this possible in Google Analytics? In the filters section I only saw the option to add filters separately, not as a combined condition.

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I was able to accomplish this using advanced segments instead of a filter.

Google Analytics Separating Tablet and Mobile Traffic has an answer from chsweb that gives an example of doing so:

To separate Tablet traffic from your site's Mobile traffic, you need to create a new "Advanced Segment."

  1. Log in to Google Analytics
  2. Go to the customer profile you want mobile stats for
  3. Click the "Advanced Segments" link towards to top of the page (in the gray bar)
  4. Click the "+ New Custom Segment" button
  5. Enter a name for this segment, e.g., Mobile (not tablet)
  6. Configure this: [Include] Mobile (Including Tablet) [Exactly matching] Yes
  7. Click "Add 'OR' statement
  8. Configure this: [Exclude] Tablet [Exactly matching] Yes
  9. Click the "Save Segment" button
  10. Return to the "Reporting" are in Google Analytics
  11. Click 'Advanced Segments' again, choose your new "Mobile (not tablet)" custom segment
  12. Click Apply
  13. There's your metrics for mobile devices that are not tablets

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