I don't understand why my site Trustworthiness and Vendor Reliability are considered bad by WOT.

I do not have ADS, I never spammed my site around, I do not have links that point to untrusted sites. Is this an error? How can improve it and get back to green lights?


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Since this has been voted up, I'll go along with what Lese states as a comment and add this:


Maybe if you share links to your site we could check it out further. I put in my current and previous companies' URLs in the "my" section and both score in the 70's. When I do a check on the "How Trusted..." search here:


I get a message saying it's not trusted.

I think a big part of this is the site has lower traffic numbers.

  • The link is in the question, just click WOT.
    – Drake
    Dec 29, 2010 at 0:04

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