I'm using Namecheap as my registrar, and I'm hosting my page with Microsoft Azure using a linux instance. The page is hosted at <mysite>.cloudapp.net. If I change the CNAME www record within Namecheap's manage domains to <mysite>.cloudapp.net I can use my domain to access the page but it reads www.<mydomain>.org when I want just <mydomain>.org (naked domain). When I use Namecheap's recommended method of using a URL Frame instead of URL Redirect or CNAME record, the address appears correctly, but I can't access any subdirectories- e.g. <mysite>.org/subdirectory/ will not work when <mysite>.cloudapp.net/subdirectory/ does load the intended page.

Any help will be appreciated, and I'll provide any further clarification required.

  • CNAME records can't point to www and non-www: technically they are two different domains.
    – William
    Oct 12, 2014 at 10:11

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What you really want is a custom domain. Microsoft has documentation for custom domain setup when using a server from their cloud app.

You would have to:

  • Point the domain name to the cloudapp.net server using a CNAME or A record

Since you get your own cloud app server with your own IP address, you don't even have to do any virtual host configuration.

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