I have a website to sell products. It basically divides the products based on tags. For Example; if you access tag page for "iPhone", the website will display links to "iPhone 6 plus", "iPhone 4s","iPhone headset" etc..

My question is, How can I tell Google if the current page is a product page or tag "which I think is better for the user"?

My current URL schema is like the following:

For product: http://domain.tld/product_id/producat_name
For tag:  http://domain.tld/tags/tag_name

For product: http://example.com/1234/iphone 4s case
For tag:  http://example.com/tags/iphone

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If you want to use the Schema.org vocabulary, you could use two WebPage sub-types:

  • ItemPage for a product.

    A page devoted to a single item, such as a particular product or hotel.

  • CollectionPage for a tag/category page.

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