I have a well ranked website on Google and Bing. In the last few months I've been feeding a blog for my webpage and now I'm trying to rank it on Google and Bing just like I did with my website.

Unfortunatelly, for some technical reasons, I can't set the blog URL like this:


In that way, it would be considered as a part of the website. So, I use subdomains, like:


As far as I know, Google considers them as different sites, but I wish I could tell Google that they're the same website.

Is there anyway to do that?


Google will automatically treat subdomains as part of the main site when:

  • They have related content
  • They are written by the same person or company
  • They link to each other

From Vanessa Fox, an ex-Google employee:

Google is no longer treating subdomains (blog.widgets.com versus widgets.com) independently, instead attaching some association between them. The ranking algorithms have been tweaked so that pages from multiple subdomains have a much higher relevance bar to clear in order to be shown.

Here is a list of things you can do from Do subdomains help/hurt SEO?:

  • Link between the subdomain and the main site in the navigation menu, and visa-versa.
  • Put the same copyright statement on the bottom of each
  • Link each to the same terms of service, privacy policy, and contact page
  • Use the same logo on each
  • Use the same look and feel: colors, fonts, and layout
  • Add the subdomain to the same account in Google Search Console
  • Use the same Google Analytics and adversiting accounts (such as AdSense) on each

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