I have two categories for an event. one for the website and the other for a javascript app.

I want to know what's happening in the app and don't want to see the website events like page views etc.

Is this possible?

Also, I found that my own javascript app sends traffic to a intermediary page and it shows up. How do I prevent this from happening? I want to make sure that a particular page on my website does not get counted towards pageview.


You can create a custom segment that includes users that had a specific event category during their session:

event category filter

When you reach the events flow report, use that one and the data will be filtered accordingly.

As for ignoring that page, you can exclude it from the reports using a filter. Go to admin-->filters and create a filter like the following:


The "Filter Pattern" require a regex expressions. You can use:

.*{the specific URL without the http://www.}

If you have changing parameters at the end of the URL you can add .* at the end of the above expression. It will make sure that everything after this URL will be excluded as well.

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