I want to forward all emails to a central address. For this I need to setup the default email address.

My cpanel does not have the "Default Address" icon in the email section.

Default Address icon in cPanel

Why it is not there? How can I enable it?

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You need to ask your hosting provider. Your web host has probably disabled this feature within your hosting account (ie. cPanel).

The "Default Address" (ie. a catch all) can place an increased load on the mailserver if (when) you start getting a lot of spam. Some shared hosts will disable this feature for this reason.

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    In general, a default address should not be used because it will most just catch spam. If you have a number of email addresses that need to go to another address. Create forwarders. You will be better served with 1000 forwarding addresses than a catch-all email in case you get hit with a dictionary attack. Aug 28, 2014 at 15:58

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