Would I be able to have domain b.com point to a.com/xyz but for the user it should still appear as b.com? I won't be having any content on domain b.com it'll all be hosted on a.com and a.com/xyz respectively.

I've setup a CNAME before and it's straight forward, however I'm not sure if my request with keeping the URL while pointing to another domains content is possible.

Appreciate your help

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So you want to serve the content that's on a.com/xyz on b.com? Definitely possible but that's duplicate content and it's not something you want if you care about SEO.

Better go with one of these options:

  1. simply 301 redirect from b.com to a.com/xyz.
  2. serve the content only on b.com.
  3. keep duplicate content and make sure the content on either a.com or b.com/xyz is not indexed by Google, you can do this in several ways (e.g. robots.txt, noindex tag) but none of them will be good in the long run.

If you still want to serve the exact same content you should look into mod_rewrite if you are using Apache.

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