I have an archive page that displays the number of articles published. Because there were so many, I ran a pagination script:


where p is the page number and pp is number of articles to display per page.

The pagination looks like this:

Prev  1  2  3  4 ... 12   NEXT

with each item linking to p like <a href="?p=x">x</a>.

I also have the items per page setter: 25 | 50 | 100 (<a href="?pp=y">y</a>).

Now I have a PHP script that fixes pp into a session variable. But I am worried about duplicate content (since incrementing pp values will be inclusive) and also content not getting indexed because its not in the pagination link. so in the example above, pages 5-11 will not be indexed.

Any ideas on how to fix this?


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Set a canonical link on each of your item pages (not pagination pages) and make sure all the item page URLs are registered in your sitemap.xml. Make sure this sitemap is defined in your robots.txt. Then, let crawlers do their job.


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