I'm basically creating something off of my main domain www.mywebsite.com/intranet. I've created .htpasswd protection for that intranet directory.

I can't implement individual user passwords yet and I want to use .htpasswd as an interim solution.

How secure is this method?

What steps should I take to make this more secure? What permissions for .htaccess and .htpasswd?


Here are the disadvantages of basic authentication according to WikiPedia:

Although the scheme is easily implemented, it relies on the assumption that the connection between the client and server computers is secure and can be trusted. Specifically, if SSL/TLS is not used, then the credentials are passed as plaintext and could be intercepted.

Existing browsers retain authentication information until the tab or browser is closed or the user clears the history. 1 HTTP does not provide a method for a server to direct clients to discard these cached credentials. This means that there is no effective way for a server to "log out" the user without closing the browser. This is a significant defect that requires browser manufacturers to support a 'logout' user interface element or API available to JavaScript, further extensions to HTTP, or use of existing alternative techniques such as retrieving the page over SSL/TLS with an unguessable string in the URL.

As the word "basic" in its name implies it offers very basic protection but not much more then that. If you're going to using it as a stop gap measure until you can get a custom authentication scheme in place then it's definitely better then nothing. But if your goal is "real" security then you should be implementing a custom authentication system ASAP.

  • Whilst I agree with this, you could use digest authentication which is more secure. Dec 21 '10 at 12:17
  • John, I have many folders with pictures that have watermarks. I would like to have the original images in .PSD in a sub-folder as backup. I don't want anybody to be able to get to them obviously, and I also don't want SEs to crawl those folders. Is the .htpasswd method enough for me? Furthermore, do I need to exclude such sub-directories in robots.txt? Feb 13 '13 at 13:29

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