I'm on the process of building my eshop platform and encountered a SEO issue.

My next step is to develop a searching box, where user searches the products of a specific category (say, desktops). This box will contain characteristics of the category desktops, for example, it will contain RAM and CPU for sure. Notice that in my searching box one will be able to select more than one categories.

My url (after rewrite) for showing products of a specific category is as this:


I know how to add another rewrite rule in .htaccess but i won't until i find out..

what is the best practice of adding multiple categories/tags in url without inflate it and cause damage (etc. page ranking) rather gain something.

For example, let's say someone wants to search through desktops and by (CPU and RAM)

Of course, the following patterns is non-acceptable, regarding variable size of input and known google dislike of many folders:


What about the following?

1. http://localhost/products/desktops/CPU-RAM
2. http://localhost/products/desktops/CPU|RAM

The 1 may seems nice but i learnt google is handling the hyphen (-) as words connector and these words are not connected?

The 2 is using the (|) pipe symbol since i learnt also google is using it to sort words of equal importance. I don't really if any of the above apply only to HTML content and/or not to URLs.

How can i feed my URL so to include a number of categories, say about 5 max. and if anyone knows how google handle such issue, etc. penalty or how searches/archive that stuff. I don't really want to apply any &filter_CPU=1&filter_RAM=1 thingy in the end and defeating the whole purpose.

UPDATE: Since my time was in essence i already went for the following approach/URL rewrite:


, where .. are a collection of category's attributes (etc. type of CPUs, size of memories etc. whatever characterizes them)

I thought a lot about the delimiter to use. I can't use hyphens (-) since category attributes may already contain one and it's a rather typical character for such cases. I cant't use commas (,) or underscores (_) either for about the same reason and i don't like them (especially commas) on URL in general.

I prefer something like a pipe but was wondering how bad this is for SEO? How google will index my information passed as ..Celeron|4GB-RAM.. Will it sort it out as 2 words (as they are?) or i should do something else?

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  • Additionally you may find Hyphens or Underscores helpful because hyphens is preferred under _ and |. And there's plenty more on the site on topic which you should be able to establish which suits your site more. Aug 12, 2014 at 19:40
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