I'm looking to write a script that dynamically replaces elements of my page with content related to the keyword that resulted in a PPC click. For example, visiting the landing page after searching on "purple widgets" would replace the hero image with an image of a purple widget, and the h1 with copy related to purple widgets.

How does this affect quality score? Are there any downsides of doing this?

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The effect shouldn't be grave. AdWords QS is mainly related to CTR%, i.e. everything that happens before someone visits the site.

Onsite optimization primarily improves your Conversion rates, not your QS. Still, there could be a positive effect, since Google also checks for what they call Quality of the landing page, which is related to unique content, page load time, ease of navigation, etc.

Hence, if it helps your site it will improve QS, but this effect will be minimal. I don't see any downsides as long as this doesn't slow down your site too much.

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