My company has a blog, that we release weekly articles on. A few have gotten moderate traffic (more than our actual site's home page). I am trying to figure out if the effort we spend on writing these articles is helping our main site's page ranking. Our site is company.com and our blog is company.com/blog.

I know any traffic is good, but our main goal is to increase our home page's page rank for searches that are not related to blog articles. For example, we have a blog article about using social engagement in mobile apps, that is near the top when those keywords are searched. Does this help our page rank when people search for mobile development consulting companies (which is what we actually do)?


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I answered this question recently on:

Do all the pages on a website help the homepage's SEO?

I think this will answer your question, however, each scenario is a bit different of course.

If this is not enough or you have additional questions, please leave a comment and I will update the answer.

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