We have updated VPSs and apparently the latest version of PHP(?) does not allow you to use the servers ip /~accountname as a way to view a site that does not yet have a domain name associated to it, eg:



We can view it from our computers by altering the hosts file, adding something like: www.newsite.com.au newsite.com.au

but its not very practical to ask our not-tech-savvy clients to go altering their host files.

Does anyone know of a way we can show our clients these sites using some kind of temporary domain name or similar?

  • This is not a PHP feature, it is a server configuration that allows one to use the way you described to access a site without DNS. So, you need to copy the web server configuration from the old VPS. Jul 29 '14 at 5:11

There are multiple ways you could do this.

Have a staging server

So you must be having your own domain. Use this nomenclature for hosting the staging work -


This is done using VirtualHosts in Apache. If you have your own VPS, this should be a breeze.

Another alternative for this would be to use folder structures -


  • I agree that this is a case where a domain name is required. They can re-use an existing domain name (or register a new domain name) and create a sub-domain for the customer.
    – closetnoc
    Jul 29 '14 at 4:50

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