I'm still in the process of making my site crawlable through Google even though it's all AJAX content. I got it where if the URL contains escaped_fragment_ it retrieves the right information form the PHP files.

Googlebot is regularly requesting these fragments from my server so it appears that's going well, but still none are indexed. I think it's because its still deeming www.foo.net/#!1 is the same site as www.foo.net/, so it's not indexing everything else.

I tried looking at my server logs and I don't quite understand them. Why does the bottom line not have a referring URL and if it sees the URL as escaped_fragment_ does that mean it knows that it isn't the same as the index home page?

log file

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A really simple way to get them indexed would be to create a google webmaster tools account, claim your domain and then submit a complete sitemap. Depending on the authority of your site, Google is going to make resource decisions about how much effort to put into spidering your site.

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