I have a specific issue regarding Google Analytics and its tracking of direct traffic that I'm hoping someone here will be able to help me with. Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you :) The closest I found as an answer to my question is Granular per Visit Data? but this is not an answer to my question specifically.

The short version of the question, if you want to take a stab at it, is this from below: "When I check for traffic in GA after using these links to test them, I get hits to xyz.com/a but it's hard to find hits to xyz.com/a?2" Where in GA should I go to see this detail? I'll explain it more below.

Using Google Analytics I want to track direct traffic with a short link that I create myself... I get the sense that Analytics isn't set up for the specificity that I'm looking for in tracking (it is set up for tagging URL's using the GA system, but I don't want those long URLs that tagging creates), but can do this none the less.

I'll give a fictional example below for illustrative purposes and perhaps you can help me understand how to get what I'm looking for.

I have xyz.com/a which is my landing page. I have a thousand clients which I'm sending this link to in the physical mail via QR code. Each person gets a unique QR Code. The unique codes are, for the first client xyz.com/a?1 - for the second - xyz.com/a?2 and so on for all one thousand clients.

When I check for traffic in GA after using these links to test them, I get hits to xyz.com/a but it's hard to find hits to xyz.com/a?2 , for example. But, I know that somewhere along the lines Google is tracking this. How can I drill down to find a list of all the links such as xyz.com/a?1 and xyz.com/a?2 that people have visited? It seems like GA takes all of the xyz.com/a?X type links and aggregates their statistics to one xyz.com/a link.

I know that Google is capturing this at some point because I have found xyz.com/a2 listed in GA under Real-Time -> Overview when I'm viewing that real time page and I go to the particular link. However, I want to find out which of these unique links are visited without having to sit and watch the Real-Time feed 24/7. All help is appreciated, perhaps there is something I'm missing. The reason I'm not using the built-in tagging feature with GA is because that will make the URL much longer and I desire a shorter URL with no URL shortener being used.

If what I'm looking for is not possible through GA, the site is built on Orchard CMS: is there a way to see these statistics through Orchard CMS somehow? Thanks again.

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I had the same question, and found a site that helped me. The link to this site is posted below, I hope it answers your questions:

Making URLs Better Through Content Grouping in Google Analytics

The author does an excellent job at presenting this topic.

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I found what I was looking for, the stuff after the question mark, in Google Analytics.

It's here: Behavior > Site Content > All Pages or any of the other items under Site Content.

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