Yesterday when i have checked me website's page ranking is search engine as per keywords, at that time it was perfect. But today when i was checking i found that mojority of keywords are not in top 100. I have attached one image. check it and answer me the reason...

enter image description here

I have only one question why it is happening? please help me...

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You really have to answer the question - "has Google penalised my website?"

To find the answer, you need to check whether Google has manually penalised your site and mentioned it in Google Webmaster Tools (sign up if you haven't).

If there is no message from Google in there, you could of been hit by an algorithmic update and this will require checking whether your activity from an SEO perspective breaks Google's guidelines. I recommend reading Google's help section on SEO to understand this.

To be honest, I don't think you'll find more of a detailed answer unless you provide the URL of your website.


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