According this thread it is possible to place Like button on some page, while the like button gives "like" to another page. But is it allowed officially? Aren't there any sanctions from Facebook if I like page from another page?

On documentation page for Like button, there is mentioned that I can set "href" parameter, for example "href" parameter can be set to my Facebook fan page. But there is no mention that I can use this parameter widely for any page. Can I think, that when it is not forbidden, it is as allowed?

I would need to use Like button, so users likes another page (on the same domain) then the current URL.


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You might want the href to point to the root of your website instead of the current page. That is not forbidden. But, I am not sure that you could point to another website's page.

And if you can, this would be equivalent to misleading a user in having him believe that he/she liked the page he/she clicked on, when in fact he liked another page. If Facebook finds about it, you would deserve a penalty. You have the right to use a knife to eat, not to murder. Gotta be responsible.

Likes have little to no direct impact on ranking, so I don't see the purpose of fiddling with this feature, especially if you have SEO in mind.

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