I´ve installed a fresh Redmine 2.5.1 installation on a Ubuntu 12.04 server. Redmine is served by Apache (passenger).

The Server can send emails by use of Postfix (tested with the mail command from terminal).

After reading the help document on Redmine's Email-Configuration, I´m confused where to put what though.

My aim is to use the server's ability to send emails with Postfix and not to use an external SMTP like Gmail.

Redmine is also giving me following error in email settings:

enter image description here

In /etc/redmine/default I have following files (no configuration.yml!):

  • database.yml
  • session.yml

In /usr/share/redmine resides:

  • additional_environment.rb.example
  • environment.rb
  • locales
  • boot.rb
  • environments
  • routes.rb
  • configuration.yml.example
  • initializers
  • settings.yml


  1. Which directory is responsible for Redmine's config?
  2. Which file is respnsible for email settings?
  3. What configuration is needed to use the server's Postfix?

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  1. /etc/redmine/
  2. /etc/redmine/default/configuration.yml
  3. See Below.

nano -w /etc/redmine/default/configuration.yml

then paste or type:

    delivery_method: :sendmail


CTRL X + S + Y

For all the possibilities see: The Redmine Wiki: Email Configuration

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