I have a landing page and I want to see how many of the people who sees the page clicks a certain button.

Say that the button has an event label, e.g. "foo". How do I find out what the percentage of visitors to the page clicks the button?


There are two methods:-

  1. Add Event Tracking for the button and then you see the data in the Events section of Google Analytics.
  2. Add campaign parameters to the URL of the button and then you can see the data in the Campaigns section of Google Analytics.

In order to obtain the % of users that either did or didn't do something on your page, you need to set 'something' up as a goal.

You'll need to set the URL of the page that contains the button as a required step and then you'll be able to see a funnel of all visits to the page that resulted in a goal (reaching the URL the button goes to).

  • His question says that he already has an event label on the button. Jun 17 '14 at 12:45

just a note of caution: events with page-changing buttons/links can get biased a lot. it's a race between the browser killing the page view (its javascript)_ and GA registering the event. so the "completed" number may be way off. I've seen up to 50% missed on form submits.

solution: using a event with callback + preventdefault handler

check this for more (and still evolving history of the problem): https://stackoverflow.com/questions/4086587/track-event-in-google-analytics-upon-clicking-form-submit

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