I'm trying to set up this damn FB page for the company where I'm working for.

I think it's probably useless stuff, but I want to give a try.

I came up with this page:


Then I saw company pages with simple URLs, like this:


I thought my 1st url could be re-written also as www.facebook.com/Poste-Certificateit-PEC-per-societa, but it does not work.

So why some company pages have simple URLs and some others need that long URLs?

Or what am I doing wrong?!


And BTW, if I'm on the wrong FB approach attempting to create company page, I mean if you think a group page or something else might be better from a Internet Marketing POV, plz let me know and exaplain. Thanks again.

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A page has to have 25 fans/likes before they can select a vanity URL. If a page doesn't have enough fans/likes or doesn't choose a vanity URL they will use the default one assigned to them by Facebook.


as John said you need at least 25 likes of that page to be able to customize the url.

Once you get 25 likes/fans go to facebook.com/username and you can customize it there.

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