I moved my personal blog from Wordpress to Ghost this weekend, which changes the RSS feed URL from /feed/ to /rss/.

By default Ghost returns a 301 redirect for /feed/, which I've verified by checking the response header and looking at the logs:

server logs

In Feedly though, new posts aren't being picked up (at least after 24 hours. I'm not sure if they might have a waiting period before updating the URL). What's the correct thing to do in this situation? Do I need to keep /feed/ alive instead of returning a 301? If so, is there a rewrite rule that would let me do this in nginx instead of having to modify the Ghost source code?

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Seems I was right about Feedly waiting to pick up the new URL. It took over a full day but new posts are finally showing up. I guess just letting Ghost do a 301 is the proper solution, after all.

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