I have a subdomain, say sub.A.com

I would like this to be pointed to B.com/folder

With A.com I am only able to change the DNS records since it's hosted on an eCommerce platform.

With B.com I can change any parameter since I host it.

A simple 301 redirect from sub.A.com won't do because I don't want people to see B.com when they go to sub.A.com.


If you have full control over B.com, you could do this:

  1. Point the subdomain sub.A.com to the IP of B.com in the DNS A-record (and AAAA-record, if you use IPv6).
  2. Add a virtual Host, server name alias or whatever is appropriate at the server for B.com that delivers the content from folder ${DocumentRoot of B.com}/folder when a request for sub.A.com comes in.

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