I have built a website (www.shareall.nl) in wordpress and did some SEO (metadescriptions, headings, links, alt text, microdata, sitemap, robots.txt, etc) using Yoast Wordpress SEO plugin. I did not squeezed everything out of it but the site ranks pretty well in Google on important keywords regarding Prezi (top 5).

The problem however is, that there is a set of pages that are not being indexed and these pages are relevant to my customer? One of the pages is http://www.shareall.nl/prezi-trainingen/prezi-vervolgtraining (I cannot post more links due to my reputation on stackoverflow, but they are all about training).

I know (as the moderator told me) that there is another question about this topic but I have followed all recommendations given there without success. I would like to get more ideas of what to try and hope someone can help me with this.

This is what I have done so far or are some facts about the site which might be relevant:

  • submitted sitemap and saw most of the pages being indexed
  • robot.txt is not preventing pages from being crawled
  • manually crawled pages using google's webmaster tools and submitted them afterwards
  • the website itself has multiple links from other pages towards the training pages
  • don't have noindex set for concerned pages
  • domain is not new and exists for numerous years now (since 2011)
  • the website is new and is launched this year (february 2014)
  • I have multiple links within the site pointing to the missing pages
  • Again any help is greatly appreciated!


    Adding a sitemap does not guarantee that all of the pages get crawled - Google does not look at everything.

    Use the Fetch as Google tool to fetch and then index the missing pages.

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