If I'd go to Crawl -> Sitemaps section there will be a list of sitemaps with the number of total pages in each one and the number of indexed pages indicated.

However I didn't see any way of finding out which pages of the sitemap actually indexed.

Of course I could use Google search with keyword "site:mysite.com" to have a look at the list of indexed pages but there will be no correlation to the sitemap. I will not be able to do any analysis of reasons the pages are not in index.


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There is no list of "indexed pages" anywhere in Google Webmaster Tools. GWT will give you the count of indexed pages, but no list.

I believe that the only way you can get a list of pages that Google has indexed it so search on Google for site:example.com then page through the search results. Even then, it is not a complete list of indexed pages. Google purposely makes site: results somewhat inaccurate.

ThompsonPaul wrote on moz.com about figuring out which pages are not indexed. His post is worth reading because he suggests more advanced techniques such as a bookmarklet that makes copying the pages out of the results pages easier.

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