I am in the process of setting up a webmail server and one of the requirements is to have a signed SSL which I obtained through StartCom. During the setup it asked me to define a sub-domain name (which I did). After the review was complete I received the key and created a new file to hold it.

I configured apache2 correctly and all that is working, but I am getting the following error on connection.

The certificate is only valid for the following names: host.siriusdesigner.com, siriusdesigner.com

now the server hostname is host.siriusdesigner.com and the FQDN is siriusdesigner.com (registered).

Am I missing something here? Or do I need to have some sort of wildcard in place (which means I would need to call them about upgrading my account to class 2)?

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Using a wildcard won't work unless you have purchased an expensive SSL certification which supports that.

Accessing https://domain.com I can see that the SSL looks like its working as intended, however accessing https://www.domain.com it reports about host. Unless I've mistaken and you do want to use www. then you need to add the SSL cert to the www.domain.com not domain.com, often people make mistakes of not thinking www is a sub domain when it is.

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