I am trying to host my static website on Dropbox and forward my domain to the public link of index.html of my site; I'm following the last tip from this post.

I have two problems with this approach:

  1. In the address bar I see the following: enter image description here. What does this yellow triangle means? Can I solve this?
  2. Also in the address bar, at the other end, I see the following: enter image description here gray shield. When the cursor hovers over the shield it says "This page includes script from unauthenticated sources". How can I solve this? Let me point that the same site was hosted on my uni's server and there was no problem...

The above description is relevant when I load the site in Chrome. In Safari I get an annoying popup that there are scripts that have to be enabled. I will be happy to provide further details if needed.

For the sake of reference, you can see the problem on your own: www.dr-atariah.com


The Yellow triangle says that some parts of the webpage, such as CSS and JavaScript for example, are not served using https://. Yet the page which you are viewing is using https:// and is secure.

Both icons are telling you that.

Update 1

If you click on the icons, it will tell you the details regarding it.

It is going to say something along the lines that the page is secure, but there is some element(s) of the page that is not secure.

  • "are not served"? But I can see the styling generated by the CSS and if I enable it then the scripts run as well... I don't understand. Can I somehow workaround it?
    – Dror
    May 12 '14 at 10:25
  • I used that as an example for what could not be served with HTTPS on the webpage. You can just ignore it in all reality.
    – Traven
    May 12 '14 at 10:31

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