I'm trying to globally set CheckCaseOnly on to make my webservers folders case insensitive. It doesn't work though?

I don't need it to correct spelling - thus I'm not using CheckSpelling.

Apache2.4 on Ubuntu.
mod_speling is enabled.

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Here is the mod_speling documentation. The CheckCaseOnly directive does not enable the module on its own. You would need to both turn on mod_speling and also put in the check case only directive:

CheckSpelling on
CheckCaseOnly on

When it is configured like this, mod_speling doesn't correct any spelling, it only corrects the case. This is a very awkward set of configuration directives. You might expect that this would check spelling as well, but it doesn't.

If you leave out the CheckSpelling on, the module isn't enabled and it can't correct spelling or case. If you leave out the CheckCaseOnly on, it corrects both spelling and case. It is only with both directives on that it doesn't check spelling but does correct for case.


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