I am having an issue, before I make one page like this:

appna.php?ty=Skype Id is Coming Soon

But now I have to remove that page and link. In the Webmaster Tool it's still showing that page with an error. I'm confused on what I can I do? If I change the domain is it a good impressions for Google? And I'm changing web content like 2 or 3 times is it also good or bad impressions for Google?


If you remove a page from your website, it won't leave a bad impression on Google.

But, instead of removing the page entirely, consider putting a 301 redirect in. This tells Google that the page you had was changed to something else.

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  • Thank You For your Quick Response. This is sky id page now i don't to keep this if i redirect that error to client detail page is okay. and one more thing one client as 6 social network icon if i put redirect on all is okay or is come in to many redirect. – Dani May 1 '14 at 16:06
  • If you have social network links all pointing to the same page, I don't think there is a problem with that. – Renkai May 1 '14 at 16:15

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