I have seen most of shorten url like http://owl.li/w6tUx redirecting to linkbucks site. I see even google is using this service in their posts in facebook or google plus something like http://goo.gl/Z7bY5C. I am not sure why google like company is using services like linkbucks. Is this some kind of virus of something have affected my computer. Can someone please explain or please advise me what is the correct place to ask question like this?


owl.li, goo.gl or any other sites are only url-shorteners. Most of them do not attach linkbucks or any other affiliate site by default, it up to the user using the service.

I believe in your case it was that whoever used owl.li pointed the URL to a linkbucks URL while Linkbucks URL was another kind of URL shortener which displays the real URL among Linkbucks ads.

To explain the steps taken:
- You have a website, say http://www.example-domain.com/some-specific-long-url-you-want-short (as you can see, this is too long for one line, pity)
- You go to a url-shortener (like owl.li) and insert the url.
- The url-shortener gives a short url back: owl.li/exmlp
- Some user clicks owl.li/exmlp and gets redirected to http://www.example-domain.com/some-specific-long-url-you-want-short


Looks like your router's been hacked into and its DNS server settings have been changed. My advice: Reset Your Router/login to your router and remove the rogue DNS server entry, change the admin password for your router.

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