If I am configuring https://foo.example.com where I have an SSL cert with CN=foo.example.com, but index.html has includes/images/etc loading from http://example.othersite/cat.png and http://example.somethingelse/script.js.

Will using protocol agnostic URLs like //example.somethingelse/script.js require that a SSL certificate exists for example.othersite and example.somethingelse or will Apache use my site's cert without causing any warnings/errors in the browser? Apache 2.2.3, mod_ssl

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All those 3 domains are completely independent from each other (even if they are different virtual hosts in the same apache server).
A protocol-relative URL just means "use the same protocol as the current page's".
So, yes, you need to configure https certificates for all those domains. Otherwise the browser may produce a warning saying that some resources in the page were loaded through an unsecure conection.

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