I'm trying to stop self referrals by adding my site to the Referral Exclusion list but I can't find it anywhere. I used this Google help document.

Could this be because I have not upgraded to Universal Analytics?

What are the reasons for self referrals?

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I can confirm that you need have upgraded to Universal Analytics to even be able to see this feature. Here is a screenshot from one of my properties that has been upgraded to Universal:

referral exclusion list

Here is the screenshot from one of my properties that has not been upgraded to Universal:

tracking info

Without Universal analytics, there is no sub-menu when you click on Tracking info. The referral exclusion list is not available.


I am not a Google Analytics guy but I did go to the page you cited.

Yes. This feature requires Universal Analytics.

As well, from what I can imagine, this allows you to focus referrals to just external referrals - that is referrals from other sites. This allows you to see where your referral traffic is coming from.

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