This has been a question I have been wondering for quite some time now.

Can Googlebot, and other search engine crawlers, read file names (such as images) that are in CamelCase?

For example, if I have an image saved as ThisIsMyImage.jpg, can Googlebot detect that as being a file name of This Is My Image, or is it best to save it as this-is-my-image.jpg or this is my image.jpg?

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Google reads hyphens (-) as word separators in URL's so they can quite easily distinguish this-is-my-image.jpg as This is my image. From a readability perspective, we always follow the format of hyphenating words in file names.

You can learn more about this here and to quote from the article:-

Google has confirmed that the point (.), the comma (,) and the hyphen (-) are valid word separators in URL’s.


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